Rolf C. Hagen

Global Pet Food Company Expands in Mansfield with Help from Incentives Secured by Business Development Strategies, Inc.

The world’s largest, privately-owned manufacturer and distributor of foods and products for pets will better serve its customers’ needs thanks, in part, to a generous government incentives package negotiated and secured by Business Development Strategies, Inc. (BDS).

Pet industry growth and increased demand for Rolf C. Hagen’s  high-quality pet products caused the Company to need more equipment for its US distribution operations and headquarters. With 40 years of history and deep community roots in Mansfield, the Company turned a second time to BDS Lynn Tokarczyk and her team of subject matter specialists…. for help securing government incentives that would reduce its project costs at its leased Forbes Boulevard space.

The BDS team worked closely with Mansfield local leaders to ensure the project’s community impact was understood. In addition to contributing to Mansfield’s economic health for four decades, Rolf C. Hagen maintains 100 full-time jobs in the Town and plans to add more jobs as a result of the project. The Company supports many local programs and is a long-time business partner to many local organizations.

Since its 1955 founding, Hagen Group has grown into a second-generation, family-owned business and a pet industry pioneer and innovator. Its extensive product lines include some of the industry’s best-known brands. As a result of the government incentive package approved by Mansfield and the State, Rolf C. Hagen will invest $500,000 in renovating and expanding its existing location.