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Government Incentives Consulting Firm Works to Keep Growing Companies in Massachusetts

Business Development Strategies, Inc. celebrates its 4th year helping companies secure government incentives and save more than $35 million


MEDWAY, MA; Lynn Tokarczyk, President and Founder of Business Development Strategies, Inc. (BDS), today announced that since the company’s inception in 2003, its clients have saved more than $35 million in state and local taxes, retained 3,050 employees and created 1,580 new jobs in Massachusetts.

Tokarczyk, a former regional director of the Massachusetts Office of Business Development and a senior manager for Ernst & Young, specializing in government incentives, founded BDS more than four years ago. Tokarczyk's pro-business attitude and diplomatic negotiating skills have helped her firm engage an impressive roster of clients including: Samsonite Corporation, Cytyc Corporation, Autopart International, and Preferred Freezer Services. BDS has experienced phenomenal growth in just four short years - it has increased its size by tenfold.

Tokarczyk and her team create a balance between keeping the Commonwealth’s economy strong and her clients financially healthy. Since 1993, over $17 billion in private investment has been infused into the state’s economy under the Massachusetts Economic Development Incentive Program. And, although there are various financial incentives available from both state and local governments to help these growing companies expand or relocate, it is often too time consuming for executives to find the right programs to fit their needs.

Lynn and her team have first-hand experience with state and local government programs and use their knowledge to help clients identify, negotiate, and secure incentives to accelerate their real estate expansion plans. BDS helps firms access state investment tax credits, municipal property tax relief in the form of Tax Increment Financing (TIFs) and other state and local programs designed to spur business investment and job creation. BDS has established a team of ten specialists including a lead generator.

“All too often, significant dollars are left on the table because companies are either unaware that these incentive programs exist or don’t have the time and expertise to apply and monitor the process,” said Tokarczyk. “Our job is to help companies save money over time by realizing their real estate expansion plans and helping them establish strong relationships in their local communities.”

Highlights from BDS’ successful fourth year include:

Company: Electrochem Commercial Power, Raynham
Industry: World-class R&D and Manufacturer of high-performance batteries and packs for extreme environments and load conditions.
Estimated Investment: $28 million
Estimated Savings: $1.4 million
Jobs Retained: 200 full-time jobs
Jobs Created: 15 full-time jobs
On working with BDS:
Mike Valent, Program Manager for Great Batch, Electrochem’s parent company, says Tokarczyk’s focus and attention to detail was what impressed him most. “Our goal was to maximize value and obtain the largest tax incentive that was fair to both the town and our company. Lynn’s professional approach, assertiveness and tenacity to get the job done were appreciated by all of us.”

Company: Elite Food Company, Norfolk
Industry: Food Products Distributor to US Military and families
Estimated Investment: $1.7 million
Estimated Savings: $193,000
Jobs Retained: 15 full-time jobs
Jobs Created: 5 full-time jobs
On working with BDS:
“Lynn came highly recommended to us as a government incentives consultant,” said Paul M. Keating, Jr., President, Elite Food Company. “Lynn was diplomatic in her negotiating style; she was a great coach and got us to the finish line to achieve accessing state and local tax incentives that will ultimately put cash back into our pocket for future investments. It is unlikely that we could have secured these incentives if Lynn had not been involved.”

Company: Lonza Hopkinton, Inc., Hopkinton
Industry: Biopharmaceutical contract manufacturer of vaccines and therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and other life threatening diseases.
Estimated Investment: $70 million
Estimated Savings: $1.4 million
Jobs Retained: 130 full-time jobs
Jobs Created: 300 full-time jobs
On working with BDS:
“Lynn is a leader…her drive; determination, upbeat nature and hard working business ethic are truly unparalleled. Lynn paved the way for Lonza to secure significant state and local tax incentives,” said Joe Crowell, Senior Operations Director of Lonza Hopkinton.

Over the course of her career, Tokarczyk has assisted over 500 companies that have helped The Commonwealth of Massachusetts attract millions in new private investment.

Most recently, she worked on a TIF project for Brahmin Leatherworks in Fairhaven, a 25-year manufacturer of upscale handbags and accessories.

“Lynn and her team really did their homework and were well prepared to educate the Fairhaven local officials and voters of the Brahmin TIF project, said Jeffrey Osuch, Fairhaven Town Administrator. “She always kept the project on track and moving forward.”