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Lynn Tokarczyk remembers former Governor Paul Cellucci

NEWS RELEASE - June 10, 2013

Statement from Lynn Tokarczyk, President and founder of Business Development Strategies, Inc., (BDS) and former Regional Director for the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) in response to the death of former Massachusetts Governor Argeo Paul Cellucci

I was honored to serve under the Cellucci Administration from 1995-2000 charged with improving the business climate in Massachusetts. I worked for the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) as Project Manager and then was promoted to Regional Director. I was mentored by Paul's Dad, “Junior” Cellucci during that period and learned lifelong skills as a result of his guidance. He taught me about being diplomatic and humble at the same time.

Due to the lessons learned from my experience in state government under Governor Cellucci’s leadership, I was fortunate to launch my own company, Business Development Strategies, Inc., in 2003, and to grow it into the leading government incentives consulting firm in Massachusetts over the past 10 years.

As recently as a few weeks ago, Paul continued to be supportive of me and was quoted in a press release about the 10-year milestone of BDS.

I will always remember being given considerable autonomy to make decisions, and attending various economic development functions with Paul to promote Massachusetts, including the I-495 transportation interchange project in Marlborough. Paul often recognized his staff publicly for a job well done.

On one occasion, at the Governor’s Debate in 1997 at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, I was invited by Junior Cellucci to be seated in the front row with the Cellucci family to watch the debate. That was an honor I will never forget.

I will always be grateful for these opportunities. Paul Cellucci has made a difference in my life.