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Expand Your Business While Saving Cash

In recent months, the country's top economists have predicted that the recession is nearing its end. While it is expected to take several months for many to feel its effect, there are already signs that this year will bring long-awaited growth to businesses looking to expand their operations in 2010.

While some Massachusetts companies delayed their expansion plans last year, there were several recession-proof companies that continued to thrive and expanded their operations due to the growing demand for their products and services. These industries range from life sciences and medical device manufacturing to food manufacturing and distribution. These expansions sparked economic development in communities even during the economic downturn by creating new tax revenue and jobs and infusing cash into the local economy.

Throughout the New Year, Business Development Strategies, Inc. (BDS), one of Massachusetts' leading government incentives consulting firms, will recognize the local communities and companies that are committed to growth in Massachusetts and helping to accelerate the state's economic recovery.

Unlock Value

Business Development Strategies' team of specialists can help your company identify, negotiate and secure the following incentives under the Massachusetts Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP):

      State EOA Investment Tax Credit
      State Abandoned Building Tax Deduction
      Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
      Municipal Personal Property Tax Relief

Effective January 1, 2010 new legislative changes have been made to the EDIP such as a $25 million cap on the EOA Investment Tax Credit and available incentives in non-ETAs if the project meets specific criteria. To learn more about how BDS can help your company access government incentives.