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BDS Celebrates 10 Years

Entrepreneurial. Competitive. Undefeated. String the adjectives together and you'll have the answer to why Business Development Strategies, Inc., (BDS) President and Founder Lynn Tokarczyk is celebrating 10 years as the most successful government incentives consultant in Massachusetts.


One decade after launching BDS with the goal of assisting growing businesses to expand with state and local tax incentives, Tokarczyk has become a key player in helping the business community build the state economy by growing and keeping jobs (10,000 retained, 5,000 created), investing private capital ($700 million in investments) and infusing cash into cities and towns throughout Massachusetts. It is an unparalleled record, made more remarkable by the fact that Tokarczyk began her career as owner of the upscale women's apparel shop, Sincerely, Lynn, in Wayland, before joining the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) in 1995. It was while serving as a project manager and later, regional director at MOBD under the Cellucci Administration, that Tokarczyk found her true calling in trying to "improve the economic climate in Massachusetts."


As Tokarczyk mastered the state's maze of economic development tools, she helped hundreds of businesses invest and add jobs in Massachusetts. At the same time, she assisted with key state infrastructure projects that were completed on time to accommodate business expansion decisions.


Recruited by Ernst & Young's New England Area State and Local Tax Incentives Practice in 2000 as a manager and later, senior manager, Tokarczyk generated significant financial benefits for Fortune 500 companies on key business incentive projects. Upon starting BDS in 2003, she began building her reputation as a tenacious dealmaker whose superb negotiating skills and reputation for excellence have drawn some of the world's best-known companies to her door.


"It is no secret that there is enormous competition among the states that want to attract growing businesses to their regions," observed former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci in May before his recent passing. "It is why government incentives are such an important factor in adding jobs and keeping the Massachusetts economy strong. I am proud that Lynn Tokarczyk was on my team when I served as Governor and I am thrilled with BDS's success."


Samsonite Corporation, the world's largest travel luggage company, was one of BDS's early successes. In 2005, the Company sought BDS's help in securing a Special Tax Assessment (STA) and a state Investment Tax Credit (ITC) in anticipation of relocating its offices from Warren, RI, to Mansfield, MA. Even though this was Mansfield's first STA, Tokarczyk still managed to garner widespread support for the measure. As a result, Samsonite brought 120 new full-time jobs and increased local spending to Mansfield, plus new taxes for the state.


A Growing Success

As word of the firm's expertise began to spread, BDS's client list began to grow. BDS's roster of clients reads like a Who's Who in business of publicly-held and privately-owned companies ranging from life sciences and technology to manufacturing and distribution.


By the time IPG Photonics Corporation reached out to BDS for assistance in obtaining a multi-million dollar package of government incentives for expansion of its world headquarters in Oxford, MA, IPG had grown from a small start-up to the world's leading manufacturer of high performance fiber lasers and amplifiers. If successful, the incentives package of a TIF and a state ITC would help offset the cost of building the more than 100,000 square foot addition needed to keep pace with demand for its products.


BDS's success in securing the multi-million dollar package of incentives allowed IPG Photonics to retain 600 full-time jobs and create approximately 175 new full-time jobs, and expand its spending on products and services from Massachusetts suppliers by 25 percent. The project is a prime illustration of the role of government incentives in strengthening the Commonwealth's economic climate.


Tokarczyk's remarkable success has resulted from a team effort. Each BDS project has the benefit of 10 government incentive specialists who have a blend of talents and skills ranging from identifying incentives to local property assessments. "The BDS team members are extremely valuable and a key to the success of BDS," says Tokarczyk. "I am proud of our accomplishments during the past 10 years, and I am pleased that we have been able to achieve great results for our clients."


Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) Executive Vice President for Legislative Affairs John Regan comments that Tokarczyk is a valuable contributor to the state's economic health. "I have worked with Lynn Tokarczyk for many years, and I was on the team to hire Lynn when she was being considered for a position at the Massachusetts Office of Business Development during my tenure there," he relates. "Her pro-business attitude and background and knowledge of government incentives continue to be essential to the business community and have assisted in significantly enhancing the business climate in Massachusetts." 



Celebrating 10 years of success in 2013, Business Development Strategies, Inc. (BDS) has grown into a leading government incentives consulting firm in Massachusetts. BDS helps expanding companies identify, negotiate and secure government incentives for real estate expansion projects that create and retain jobs, and enhance the state and local economy. Providing a full range of services in real estate assessments, resident outreach, government incentives tax law, and more, BDS helps clients save cash and expand.


To learn more about how BDS can help your company access government incentives, contact Lynn Tokarczyk at 508-966-4300, or email Visit BDS online at