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Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce, The Development Alliance

June 2005

The Development Alliance is an organization fully aligned to assist businesses, developers, and communities in their downtown revitalization projects, Brownfields Redevelopment projects, building demolition and restoration projects, and cleanup efforts including recycling and reuse.

While "greenfield" development is generally discouraged in most communities, The Development Alliance members have successfully completed projects that follow Smart Growth principles and encourage developers to revitalize Brownfield sites.

The Development Alliance members are quite familiar with the development process and are readily able to combine services of the planning, designing, engineering, and building efforts in a single team. Owners welcome and value The Development Alliance for this approach to commercial and industrial construction. The Development Alliance, unique in its makeup, also provides the much-needed legal, financial, and insurance support.

New Member offers "connectivity & alignment"
The spotlight for this newsletter edition focuses on the newest member of The Development Alliance - Ms. Lynn Tokarczyk, President of Business Development Strategies, Inc. of Medway, Massachusetts.

Business Development Strategies creates opportunities for expanding businesses including developers to collaborate with their respective community to yield a "win-win" scenario. With her strategic approach, the community "wins" by often retaining jobs, creating new jobs, and generating new tax revenue while the business/developer "wins" with accessing state tax credits, municipal property tax relief or and even a 100% personal property exemption - in many cases these tax benefits apply at both the local AND the state levels.

Although certain criteria apply, most of the communities in the Neponset Valley region are eligible to negotiate these benefits with its existing and new businesses. Ms. Tokarczyk, working on behalf of the business/developer, taps into a full complement of business development tools and governmental incentives that include such benefits as: access to a database of available land and buildings; creative financing programs; state and local permit and infrastructure streamlining; and even workforce training cash grants.

Here's a partial listing of the government incentives offered by Business Development Strategies to firms that are considering real estate expansions. Business Development Strategies provides financial value to various industries such as manufacturing and distribution, Biotech, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, technology and financial services, and "Smart Growth Redevelopment Projects" by developers.

The types of incentives and services this consulting firm provides include:
Access to financing
Corporate Real Estate Solutions
Infrastructure Streamlining
Introductions to State & Local Officials
Local Personal Property Tax Relief
Real Estate Site Selection
State Investment Tax Credits
State & Municipal Permit Streamlining
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Workforce Training Grants

Note: The Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce has also benefited from the services she provides to her clients. Ms. Tokarczyk recognizes the significant role the Chamber has played in the process of receiving approval for Tax Increment Financing (both locally and from the State). Because of her efforts and suggestions, her latest client, Harbar Corporation of Canton, joined the Chamber this month. Harbar Corporation, also a woman-owned business, produces "authentic tortillas" and has recently been awarded a contract with Subwayè to provide tortilla wraps to the Subwayè stores along the entire east coast and Canada. Hence, Harbar had to grow to accommodate this significant demand and wanted to remain in Canton - Ms. Tokarczyk made it happen.

When it's time to grow, Business Development Strategies, Inc. will share information with you about these important incentives and tax breaks that can be of great value when that next important step is taken. The contact information for Business Development Strategies, Inc. is provided below.

The Development Alliance welcomes Lynn Tokarczyk of Business Development Strategies, Inc. as its newest member. You may have met Ms. Tokarczyk at recent NVCC Economic Development Committee meetings and/or when she was a guest speaker for the NVCC Board of Directors in January 2005.

For more information about The Development Alliance, contact any Alliance member or their NVCC staff liaison, Sherri Walker at 781-769-1126, x-205 or