About Us

Business Development Strategies, Inc. (BDS) is a leading government incentives consulting firm. Since its inception in 2003, BDS has worked with growing companies across a wide spectrum of industries to help identify, negotiate and secure government incentives to accelerate their real estate expansion plans.

Founded by Lynn Tokarczyk, a former regional director of the Massachusetts Office of Business Development and senior manager for Ernst & Young, BDS helps companies access state investment tax credits, municipal property tax relief in the form of Tax Increment Financing (TIFs) and other state and local programs designed to stimulate business investment and job creation. Over the years, BDS has engaged an impressive roster of clients in industries ranging from life sciences and medical device manufacturing to distribution and transportation.

BDS’ unique value is its ability to successfully navigate the maze of government incentives, diplomatically negotiate tax incentives and nurture relationships between the company and municipal officials. Most businesses are unaware of the various state and local tax incentives that can ultimately help companies save cash for future growth. The key is knowing where to look, when to apply and how to effectively promote the project to local officials and residents for a positive outcome. BDS’ team of Subject Matter Specialists partners with its clients throughout the entire process from initial strategy development through negotiations to securing incentives.

“Lynn led the effort to get the state and local incentives that have allowed Fabrico to move forward with building a new manufacturing facility in the town of Oxford. But she didn’t stop there. We had other issues that came up in the site development process that were potential roadblocks and she energized the right folks in state government to help us find the right solutions.”

Ann Gray